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  • “We are better than other web development company”
  • “We have better designers, marketers, and web developers”
  • “Our custom-made software is better that other popular platforms”
  • “We can do anything you need cheaper and faster”

I hear this a lot in software development business, and it always makes me cringe. You should never hire a company that talks like that.

I personally dislike trashing other companies by saying Iconis Digital is better than X. How do you measure “better” in an industry where almost all software for web development is open source (free), where you need specific tech for a specific business problem and where many companies looking to hire web dev teams have no tech skills or understanding of the things they are buying.

Also many marketing agencies will offer app and web development, without even having developers in their team. They outsource your project to freelancers who may or may not have the skill to do the job correctly.

For example: You can hire a big web development company and pay a premium price, but they end up using a junior web developer with WordPress and a free theme to build your advanced website.

You overpaid.

What you need to consider.

Look for a company that is experienced with your industry or a problem you are trying to solve. Look for teams that have a problem-solving mindset and demand transparency with the tech (stack) they are using. Ask for more info on who is going to work on your project. Avoid sales people that say “yes we can to anything for you, superfast and super cheap, no problem”.

There are many ways to build an app, website or e-commerce store. With so many options things can get truly confusing.

Let’s say you are building an e-commerce store, and you meet with few agencies in your price range that can help you build it.

These companies can build your online store in many ways:

  • Wordpress and WooCommerce with a theme
  • Wordpress and WooCommerce with a separate front-end. VueJS, React, etc.
  • Shopware commerce with a separate front-end with VUE StoreFront
  • Saleor Commerce with Nextjs commerce
  • Spryker commerce
  • Sylius commerce
  • Commerce tools
  • Shopify with a custom theme
  • Custom e-commerce app with a custom theme

The list goes on.
There are so many options it’s crazy, but what should you pick?


If you don’t have the tech skills, don’t pick a platform or tech. Pick a team that’s right for the job and your company.

Request certain things. Be very specific.

If you request high security, extensibility, speed, easy integration with other micro-services, complex custom features. Then WordPress and WooCommerce is not for you.

If you need enterprise grade security, cloud hosting, speed, advanced customization and microservices then Pick Saleor CommerceShopware or Commerce tools.

Maybe you need your project to be fast and cheep (at first) and nothing else matters, then WP and WooCommerce might be your thing. Just make sure you learn about the downsides.

If you don’t want to be tied to one company and you want to hire another company later, than custom e-commerce is not for you.

Because, if you pick a company that makes their own software, you are tied to them. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you don’t like each other in the future. You are stuck in a toxic relationship that you need to pay for.

If this is your concern then always request open source platforms with a good development community.

To make things simpler, you should consider hiring an Independent digital business consultant to look at your feature list and requests.

Let them help you pick a company for your project.

Muamer Mujevic
Digital business strategist
m: +385 91 1980 506
ln: linkedin.com/in/iconis

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