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Next.JS and Next.JS framework are two things.

Next.js is an open-source, production-ready front-end framework that allows developers to build hybrid applications containing both server-rendered and statically generated pages.

Next.js is quite popular because of it's ease of use and scalability. One of the coolest things about Next.js is the use of server-side rendering to reduce the burden on web browsers and provide enhanced security.

This framework now offers Next.js Commerce, a toolbox for building customizable, high-performance e-commerce sites.

Next.JS commerce features

  • Internationalization
  • TypeScript Support
  • App Analytics
  • Image optimization
  • Fast refresh
  • Hybrid applications
  • No configuration necessary
  • File-System Routing

These features, along with what Next.js has to offer make Next.js commerce a huge deal in building next generation of e-commerce apps. Faster and Better.

Our team is currently working on implementing #nextjs commerce and Saleor Commerce for our clients and we can't wait to show you what we have done.

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