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We started a new project with the Istrian Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development. The main goal of this new partnership will be creating their new web platform. The Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to develop the civil sector and their main core is to inform and educate the citizens and also finance projects and civic initiatives of civil society organizations. To enable networking and creating partnerships, as well as financing for both legal companies and individuals they started a new project called ReCeD'Istria, a Regional Center for the Development of Social Innovation platform and Iconis agency will design and build the new, high quality web platform. 

Members of our team have visited Pula, where they held a workshop with the representatives of the Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development. The main goal of this workshop was developing the structure for the new platform ReCeD'Istria, which will help the wider community trough encouraging and developing new innovative programs, jobs and projects. 

The ReCeD'Istria was created as a part of the +Resilient project which is financed trough the Interreg Mediteran 2014.-2020. and the Office for Cooperation with NGOs. The project involves 8 Mediterranean countries and 14 partners and it's our Iconis team that will unite all project requirements. Solving certain social problems is a long-term process that will involve people from different professions and our team will contribute to this great project by creating a unique platform consisting of informations, data, ideas, news, networking possibilities, financing and partnerships from different industries, which will help in solving certain social problems. 


Also, with the aim of encouraging local philanthropy and social investment, this web platform will help connect socially responsible companies or individuals who want to invest in new ideas, or start-up companies with local social innovation projects. The new web page will unite a variety of different educational content and materials, and examples of social innovations. It will also include open data from experts in different fields, other community participants, trainers (educators) and freelancers transferring their knowledge within this project

Education, social skills training, personal development, professional skills and knowledge, digital skills and social media, along with all other educational informations that will help develop new ideas will be available at ReCeD'Istria, and we will contribute to this socially useful project trough creativity, design, innovation and simplicity of the website solution.


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