80% of social media content is garbage

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The problem

Let’s talk about Social media Gurus and SM Celebrities*, and most of them were nothing before social media exploded. They act as if they know everything just because they have a large number of “Followers” they acquired by being early adopters on certain social networks and Big egos. They work hard to give you – SELL you their advice, books or ideology. And you buy that because you think it might help you, but it won’t. Others are trying to be cute or share random nonsense and a personal opinion that doesn't really matter to you or anyone. You +1 them, like them, re-share that content and you make their day. And it all lasts a day or two really. Then everyone forgets about it.

This doesn’t mean there are no good, informative and entertaining content creators on social media. They are there, but they are probably not the Social media celebrities you follow. You need to look for them and support them.

To me, social media is just an Advertising & Entertainment channel with an advanced commenting system that is only good for two things: connecting with like-minded people and reaching large number of social media users looking for entertainment online. If you want to sell anything on social media, you need to build a huge following or pay to promote your content, or both. If you manage to share something really interesting for your target audience, and if that target audience likes your content and finds it useful, then they might hire you or buy your product. All this talk about likes, +1s, shares, people to people marketing, passion, community, love, tree hugging…I think it makes very little sense. You still get more info and Buy Actions from product reviews on E-commerce sites and forums than you do on social media.

If you want to sell anything on social media, you need to build a huge following or pay to promote your content, or both

And yes, just like the radio, TV and billboards you need money to push your awesome content so it reaches big numbers. But unlike the TV or the radio, people have more control; they can click away fast if your content is boring or stupid, and you are left with a failed campaign. But the biggest problem is that you are not a content creator, you have no idea what you are doing, and then you listen to all these “Smart” people that sold you on this idea that it’s easy to get traffic if you just share awesome content. However, to create awesome content you need to have skills, many skills, you need to write good posts, you need to be a good designer, photographer, video producer etc. Sharing photos of cats, talking about discounts, how great your company is or taking a selfie is not awesome content. Cats are cute but what do they actually mean for your business?

You are not a content creator.

Big advertising companies are great content creators and they make money from it. They have BIG data you need to make sense of social media advertising. Why? Because they have 20, 50, 100 people working on one account and they have deep pockets. I’m not saying small content creators can’t go viral, be useful or make money. Just look at Veritasium or Marques Brownlee. They produce great content that’s fun and easy to watch. But just look at that production level. That is some serious work focused on one specific thing. Can you create something like that? No, you can’t. But you could if you stopped making garbage.

So decide now how you use social media, and if you want to produce content please make sure it means something or stop wasting your time.

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