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Companies spend a lot of time and other resources on making content on social media that is only seen by very few users. It is amazing to see your post go viral without extra effort, but95% of content made by brands does not trigger that kind of attention. You have to promote your posts via Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads if you want them to be seen and reach wanted results. Why would you make photos your (for example) restaurant, staff, products or the factory, write a great copy and just upload the post to a Facebook page if only 2%of your page fans are going to see it?

If you are not ready to pay for ads in order to promote your content, you are going to have to make content people will want to share on their own, for free. This, however, requires quality creative and more time.

Social media is one of the best ways of producing strong brands and building tight connections with the target consumers, but you have to invest in them

Our advice: If you are not particularly creative, you have a low budget and limited time, don't want to pay for the ads, don't have a good camera or sense of design and writing, don't communicate via social media. Focus your energy on another type of promotion. Social media are not the only way of communicating with your customers online.

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