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Starting this text with a statement on how the technology has been developing rapidly lately, and hence changing our lives, would be, to say the least, very naive and immature of me. It would, however, be even more naive not to use the mentioned technologies in our own favor, as well as a motivation for moving boundaries. We are rarely aware of the powers of digital marketing and the impact it can make. In the following text I am going to try to materialize this statement through three campaigns that made an impact in 2015, using the formula: the best results begin where conventional marketing ends.

Honda found its place among the world´s top 10 automobile giants. I dare say it is very difficult to be outstanding in their business considering the loads of fine lines, unbelievable comfort, security patents, the lowest fuel consumption and optimized sustainability. Every single car company says that. This is the exact reason Honda´s creatives decided yielding away from the standards and using what might seem disconnected from their core business is exactly what they need. They developed a mobile app, connected to the radio frequency, which uses the radio in order to play children’s audio books. People with children will instantly know why this is a great option. Here´s an explanation for all those who don´t. Living in the times when children have more than two extracurricular activities, most of their times is spent in cars. And, sadly, most of that time is wasted. Also, in case of bigger families, children tend to fight in the back seat which can be hazardous. However, an inspirational fairy tale, for example Peter Pan, can simulate children’s imagination greatly, make them think, be the topic of a conversation with their parents, and, above all be the end of boredom. Children have fun, and, if their parents drive a Honda, they get the stories for free. Not even a word about fuel consumption in the add, but Honda´s presentation was still on a very high level.

Do you still remember the BalmainxH&M collection? I know it has been just over a month since the release, but we stopped talking about it so abruptly, like it never existed. However, the pre-campaign was more than well planned. Young Olivier Rousteing started a mission of modernizing the 70 year old haute couture fashion house. He invited young influencers like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on board and made them fill their Instagram profiles with the pieces from the not-yet-released collection. He also used Vine and Snapchat as communication channels as well as a very heartwarming video of himself saying that he used to be one of those waiting in the line for a designer xH&M collection some 10 years ago. Olivier connected with his customers in all ways possible. He even showed the entire collection before the release as a part of his strategy. The digital game he played was strong, bit wasn´t in coordination with very limited quantities of the collection. But, let´s leave this topic to retail experts.

Another interesting campaign held place on Tinder, a social network used for speed dating. This time, it was turned into a platform for spreading awareness on organ donation. NHS from UK hired some famous local influencers (who have a bigger impact than worldwide celebrities) who opened their own profiles and among ordinary preferences like brunettes vs. blondes, they added a line on supporting organ donation. The rest of the users would stumble upon those profiles while swiping in pursuit of a date for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The message that appears on the screen says: "If only it was that easy for those in need of a lifesaving organ to find a match." We have to wait to see if the campaign is going to be successful, but we definitely have to admit that using Tinder in order to get the Millenials´ attention is a great choice.

Digital is all around us and framing can be fatal, which is why following trends and setting new standards is a must. According to last year, the next one should be more than interesting.

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