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Having the right partner is essential in every business.

These are the partners we love to work with.

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Iconis Agency is proud to partner with KAYAK online marketing, a marketing agency from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. KAYAK online marketing follows an attraction-based inbound marketing model that applies proven business principles to social networking and content marketing strategies.

What makes KAYAK special is that they envisioned a new approach to web marketing process that they call - EMA – and that stands for Education, Marketing, and Automation – With EMA, Randy and the Kayak team developed a system that moves away from the traditional Ad agency focus on commissions and creative awards and toward a commitment to building better websites with lead-generating and business-building potential.

Combining EMA with attraction-based marketing strategies and an ethical mindset, KAYAK multiplied revenues by almost 25 times in the first two years, with a long list of satisfied clients. Many KAKAYclients have seen an 600% increase in new leads from the work they did.KAYAK is well recognised by local and international media –including in a two-page spread on Forbes.com.

Visit www.kayakonlinemarketing.com and explore their site.

We are happy to work with such an amazing and interesting team of professionals and look forward to new projects ahead.


Dalibora Bijelic

To say Dalibora is a great photographer would be an understatement. The best way to describe her is, really talented, professional, dedicated and she has an amazing feeling for the right moment. Dalibora knows exactly how to grab the right moment that will move you in some way and makes a lasting impression. We think she's amazing and that's why we chose her to be our partner in marketing photography and visual direction.

Visit her site at: daliborabijelic.com



At Iconis Agency we have our own web development and design team, and that works great for us. But you can never have enough good developers around the table when you need a hand. That's why we partnered with an amazing company called Good Code Ltd. They specialise in developing large scale web projects on Python, Django, Flask, jQuery, Node.js, React.js. And it's a pleasure working with them.

Visit their site at: goodcode.io

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