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These services are connected to the predefined packages, by choosing the right service and the appropriate modules we can create a more precise quote for you. If you already picked your package on the homepage, then the app already selected the right services and modules for you, and all you have to do is fill in the contact info below and send your request.

Service modules are connected to specific services and if you understand what specific modules mean you can create a detailed request for us. If you don’t know what you need just go back to the homepage and select one of the packages we prepared for you.

Web design

A unique layout design for your website that focuses on giving your users the best possible visual experience.

We study your users and future customers and then we design your site to meet their needs.

We design a unique set of icons for your website.

We analyse every aspect of your web project, then we set goals and create ways to achieve them.

Your site is mobile friendly. Meaning we design it so it's easy to use and enjoy on laptops, tablets, large and small mobile phones. Having a responsive-mobile site is important for SEO as well.

Web development

You want to sell products or services online, this is a module for you.

We install a payment system on your site. Paypal, WS pay, SaferPay, etc.

A delivery module that calculates how much a user needs to pay for delivery.

We Install a feature rich product catalogue with brands, categories, reviews, lists, wish lists and many other features.

Give your users the power to rate your products and services.

Promotional codes are great for giving you customers extra discounts on your online store.

Sync your product data with your core database on any ERP system. This way you don't have to enter your products, prices and current status on your online store manually.

Create news, site updates or other content for your users to enjoy. Having a good blog helps your SEO greatly.

A Django framework based content management system that's easy to use. Add images, graphics, text, video and new pages on your site with ease.

If you want your users to fill out a form with details. We can create a simple or very complex form.

We setup multiple currencies on you site so your users can pay with any currency you want.

A user account module that let's your visitors create user profiles on your site. They can create wish lists, ad profile pictures, view orders.

Digital marketing

Facebook page management and advertising

Google+ page management and advertising

Twitter profile management and advertising.

Profile management and advertising

Print design
Content creation

We study your project and decide what needs to be created and why.

After we determine content goals we build a strategy on how to achieve those goals.

Visually stunning content for your campaign.

We create an entertaining video content for your YouTube channel, website or social media platform.

We create educational video content about your products and services.

We create a story about your brand, products or services that engage your customers.

We design a certain number of promo graphics, banners, ads or social media posts for your site or other platforms.

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